October 12, 2001

Rescheduling of the "Tokyo Game Show"

Computer Entertainment Software Association

The Computer Entertainment Software Association (CESA, Chairman:Kagemasa Kozuki, Location:Nishi Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo), having up till now held the Tokyo Game Show twice a year in spring and autumn, has decided that the show should take place once a year starting from 2002 with the aim of providing a richer and more extensive exhibition.

Therefore, in 2002 the show will be held just once, in September, while the show scheduled for March 2002 is to be cancelled. Regarding show scheduling from 2003, the association will release relevant information as soon as details are determined. Similarly, scheduling of other planned events including "Japan Entertainment Software Awards" is also subject to change. More information regarding these changes will be issued in the future.

With the holding of "Tokyo Game Show 2001 Autumn", the show cerebrated its 11th occasion, being first held in August 1996. From the second year, the show was held twice a year, both in spring and autumn. The event has won renown as a source of up-to-date information for the world on this leading global industry, and has expanded this role on each occasion. Along with the advancement of the game industry, the show has grown to become a major event, which draws attention not only within Japan but also from abroad.

We are thankful that during the period covering the now ten occasions of the Tokyo Game Show, the industry has been able to make steady progress in not only the fields of technology and range of products, but also in terms of scale. In order to further promote the Tokyo Game Show and secure its reputation as the world's best computer entertainment show in this ever-growing market environment, the association has decided in future to hold the show once a year.

Also, from an international standpoint, large-scale events such as this one generally tend to be held once a year.

The decision to change to an annual event was reached after various factors were considered from the global standpoint, including opinions and requests from members of the association and participating companies, as well as examination of the situation in the game industry and among businesses.

The association will strive to continue to fulfill the expectations of general users, as well as industry related members, of the Tokyo Game Show being an event which provides up-to-date information on computer entertainment and at the same time brings sensations, dreams and hopes to people all over the world. We sincerely appreciate your continuous patronage and valued advice. Thank you.