"TOKYO GAME SHOW 2001 Spring"

Visitors Survey Report

April, 2001
*The design of this survey (pdf 8.43kb)
[1] A research of the visitors at Tokyo Game Show 2001 Spring- characteristics of visitors (pdf 17.8kb)
1. Gender
2. Age
3. Place of residence
4. Occupation
[2] State of contact to games (pdf 39.7kb)
1. Owned hardware
2. Hardware that they wish to purchase
3. The most favorite/least favorite genre of game
4. The most favorite/least favorite genre of game sorted by gender and age
5. Information to refer to when purchasing a software
6. The place where the software is most likely purchased from
[3]Frequency of contact to games (pdf 22.8kb)
1. Number of days playing games in a week
2. Length of playing games
3. Average number of software purchased in a year
[4]State of use of portable phones and PHS (pdf 31.1kb)
1. Possession of a portable phone and/or a PHS
2. Experience of playing games using web functions
3. Intentions to play games using web functions in future
4. Image of games with web functions
[5] State of the use of the personal computer (PC) (pdf 20.0kb)
1. Rate of people possessing a PC at home
2. Using internet at home
3. Frequency of net surfing
[6] State of attendance at Tokyo Game Show 2001 Spring (pdf 24.4kb)
1. Means of learning about the exhibition
2. Past visits to Tokyo Game Show
3. Intentions to return next time
Appendix 1) Survey sample
Appendix 2) The locations of the questionnaire booths
(pdf 19.5kb)
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