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What's New(2001)

  • 2001/11/28Tokyo Game Show 2001 Autumn Visitors Survey Report has been issued
  • 2001/10/15[Press Release]Final report on the "Tokyo Game Show 2001 Autumn" Three days filled with dream, hope and excitement!Invitation to the future of the computer entertainment world
  • 2001/10/12[Press Release]Rescheduling of the "Tokyo Game Show"
  • 2001/10/12[Press Release]"Let's Play Together"Computer Entertainment bringing about Dream, Hope,and Excitement To be Sent Out from Tokyo Game Show to the World
  • 2001/09/21[Press Release]The 2nd Information of Software Titles and Booth Contents to be exhibited, and Programs for the Event Stage finalized
  • 2001/09/05[Press Release]Information of Software Titles and Booth Contents to be exhibited
  • 2001/08/28Press Registration for "Tokyo Game Show 2001 Autumn"
  • 2001/08/22[Press Release]Venue Layout for the "Tokyo Game Show 2001 Autumn" Finalized
  • 2001/08/09[Press Release]Latest news on exhibitors. 52 companies, total of 1,358 booth
  • 2001/07/17[Press Release]Outline of the "Tokyo Game Show 2001 Autumn" The theme is "Let's Play Together"
  • 2001/07/16[Press Release]CESA has released two types of research reports! "2001 CESA Games White Paper" "CESA Research Report on Net-users Vol. 2"
  • 2001/04/30[Press Release]Establishment of "Mobile Phone Contents Subcommittee"
  • 2001/04/27"Tokyo Game Show 2001 Spring" Visitors Servey Report