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What's New(2004)

  • 2004/09/24[Press Release] TOKYO GAME SHOW 2004 opens today !
  • 2004/08/09[Press Release]TOKYO GAME SHOW 2004 Announces Exhibition Outline and Exhibitors list.
  • 2004/06/26"2004CESA Games White Paper " has been issued.
  • 2004/05/17[Press Release]Establishment of the CESA Online Community Committee
  • 2004/05/07"The 8th CESA GAME AWARDS" - Launching a competition for pre-manufactured products by both professionals and amateurs -
  • 2004/04/26"2004 CESA Research Report on General Public" has been issued.
  • 2004/02/25[Press Release]Outline of TOKYO GAME SHOW 2004
  • 2004/02/23"2004 CESA Research Report on Kids" has been issued.